Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful Toronto: Toronto Island

As my cousin's arrival in Toronto approaches, I've decided to post some of the places I want to take her.
One of my favourite favourite favourite places to go in Toronto is to Toronto Island.
I think I love it because I have such fond memories of it from my childhood. From playing Cee-Cee-My-Playmate on the ferry, to the log ride at Centerville, to the hedge maze, to playing in the fountains (that clearly said "stay out of the fountains") to the four-person bike....everything gets played back in my mind with a rose-coloured hue. Beautiful.
So needless to say I will be taking Amy to Toronto Island!

Not every city is lucky enough to have a place in the city where you can be so removed from the city. It's a beautiful spot. If you've never been get yourself there RIGHT NOW!
It has an amusement park, beautiful walking and cycling trails, a beach, a haunted lighthouse....what more could you want? It caters to everyone's needs!

If this hot hot weather sticks around all summer you better believe I'll be making myself known to the workers and residents on the Island!
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