Friday, June 18, 2010

Champagne Dreams, Bachelorette Wishes

The Big Bachelorette Party is Tonight!!!
I've been to a grand total of one bachelorette party in my life so I don't have a whole lot of experience to back up my planning.
The one I went to was for my cousin's wife and it was sooooo much fun!
I'm stealing game ideas from her and her friends :)
The theme of the evening is 'Sexy Lingerie' and I've been busy all morning trying to turn my living room into a boudoir.
Because I am my mother's daughter I also got a little gift for all of the girls (and it fits with the theme):

Sleep masks!
Thank you Dollarama.
Here's what my apartment looks like at the moment:
I'm only about half way done with decorating. I have lots of suspiciously phallic looking balloons that still need to be put up. The streamers are done, the wedding bell balloons are up, I have rose petals to scatter on the coffee table, I still need to set up the dining room table and cut up the fruit .....and I have 3L of champagne chilling in the fridge!
Champagne cocktails!
Game-wise I'm still brainstorming ideas. I have an anonymous "Never Have I Ever" game - I printed out 30 cards for people to write down their never have I ever's and then we'll draw them out of a Tiffany & Co. bag (cause I be fancy like that y'all) so that if people want to put down tame ones they can without getting booed and if people want to put down absolutely raunchy ones they can do so without judgement.
Man am I inclusive or what?
The other game I have at the moment is a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey version of Kiss The Stud.
As the name suggests you put on a blindfold and place your sticker kiss on the stud. There's only like 6 stickers so I may print some more out and we can tape them on.

One game I want to steal from my cousin (she and my other cousin's wife I refer to as my cousin's cause they're both really cool AND readers of this blog which furhter intensifies their cool factor. Hi Andrea! Hi Jennie! Shout outs! Brapp brapp brapp) is a kind of truth or dare-esque game where the bride to be is given 11 questions to answer and 10 shots, should she decide she would rather drink than answer the question.
The problem I'm having with this game is that the bride to be doesn't want to be embarrassed so I have to come up with somewhat tame questions. But then there's no push to take a shot instead. Hmmm......I have a few hours to figure this out.
I'm heading to the beach today as it's Amy's last day in Toronto :(
Her flight leaves tonight at 11:30 so we're trying to cram her last day full of sun and fun.
We were going to go to Toronto Island but I kind of ruined it cause I have to go down to Police headquarters to have my police check done and they close at 4 case of the stupid G20 Summit. Thanks, world leaders, for shutting down the city. Appreciate it.
And then I have to go to the doctor's for 5 to make sure I don't have TB.
Funny story, I was most definitely exposed to it this year at the hosital so I've been keeping a close eye on my arm. So far no reaction! Hurrah!
I thought I was telling a funny 'hey look I'm in health care too' kind of bonding story with my doctor when I joked I was worried about the TB skin test this year and SHE WROTE IT IN MY MEDICAL FILE!
Hahaha I know it's probably important to note but I felt like Elaine from Seinfeld. I wanted to snatch back my file and erase it!
I have to get back to decorating.....almost done, almost done.
Just gotta keep the kitty from tearing down my streamers.
He's already tried.
Several times.


  1. Have a nice time. I love the Never Have I Ever Game idea. In fact, I loved the game so much that i founded a company and created a game called I've Never... - please visit my site - if you would like a sample, please let me know.

    Take care,

  2. oooh a shoutout! hooray!
    for the 11 shots/questions game could you ask questions about the hubby to be as well? see how well she knows him? then maybe if she gets it wrong then she can choose a shot or a truth or dare question? not like you're busy or anything... :)
    have a great time tonight jamie - fabulous hostess as always!