Monday, January 10, 2011

When Celebrity Chefs Go Wrong...

Let me start this post off by saying that I am not one to discriminate against weirdo recipes.
I really can't judge, as I often make what John refers to as my "soup" - essentially salsa, sour cream, and crumbled nacho chips in a bowl with a spoon.

It's like a less messy version of nachos... somewhat.

Anyway, I love weird recipes and I have mad love for most chefs on the Food Network (sorry some of you newbies, not quite sure about you yet but I won't call you out by name).

I also have nothing but love for cutie pie Southern Belle Paul Deen. Sure, she cooks almost entirely with pounds of butter, but with that Southern drawl I can't hold it against her. She's unappologetic about her cooking style and her love for butter.


I think when you have your own tv show, frequently grace the cover of magazines, and are known as a celebrity chef... well, things like this aren't really acceptable.


Am I wrong in thinking this?

I found this on and if you want to read some of the hilarious comments that people posted after this recipe, click here. Some are laugh-out-loud worthy.
As for Rachael Ray... the jury (being my opinion) is still out on this one. I watch her show when I'm home and it's on, and I've bought her magazine a few times... but her voice irritates me and sometimes I find her very fake. And hearing E.V.O.O. as well as some of her other little quirky terms (stoup I still like) sometimes irk me. So I'm torn.
And yes, I am well aware that she is by no means a professional chef, having never attended a cooking school, but she's done VERY well for herself and I respect her for how she's turned her name into a brand.

When you represent more than yourself, when you are a brand, things like this are no longer acceptable.

Really, Rachael Ray?

Again from I think my favourite comment is this one:

"Does anyone have a good recipe for banana? I typically take one from the bunch, peel it, discard the peel and eat it. But I feel like I am missing something. Any recipe for Orange would be helpful too."

C'mon celebrity chefs.

At least do like I do and copy and paste from another person's recipe collection.

Thanks, Martha.

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