Monday, June 11, 2012

Canoeing in Algonquin Revisited

Remember I went on a canoe trip for the Victoria Day long weekend?
Here are pictures from it!

We had incredible weather, a ton of black flies & mosquitos, great laughs, and delicious food.
I forgot to take pictures of the food the second night (cause I was too busy mowing down on it) but I did snap a couple pics of the food John and I prepared. I forgot (again) to get a picture of the potato salad that our friend Johanna made (so good, SO good) because (again) I was stuffing my face with it.
We did chicken and veggie kebabs as well as some steak kebabs.

We also roasted cherry tomatoes with bonconccini and some haloum cheese skewers.
You may recall I cooked haloum (or haloumi, whatever) cheese about a year ago and had a mysterious stomach ailment afterwards, leading me to believe the cheese was poisoned.
This time around there were no stomach ailments to be had and everyone really enjoyed the cheese.
It has a high melting point so it holds its shape and just gets this delicious melt-y taste to it.

It was a beautiful weekend and I cannot wait until the next time I get the chance to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

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