Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Cake Edition

*Meant to post this yesterday but came home from work with a raging migraine, had a bath, and went to bed without posting!

You will notice an error in this post... namely the fact that my numbering skills are lacking.
I actually did have 5 cakes but the first one was the wrong file and wouldn't open in picmonkey, so I started counting from 1 at picture 2, then picture 3 became cake #2, until I forgot and just started writing cake #4 for picture 4. And I was too lazy to go back and fiddle with the pictures to fix it up.

But I digress.

I feel like I'm running out of ideas for these Wedding Wednesdays. Not because I'm actually out of wedding related things to blog about, but because I'm not sure how much I should give away and how much I want to hold back to surprise people with.
I'd post pictures of my dress if I didn't think there was a slight chance John might take a peek on here!

One thing that seems safe (since I haven't made any decisions yet) is the cake!

I've gone back and forth with a couple of ideas - lace, grapes (winery themed, but I vetoed this as I'm wary of winery overkill), etc. One idea that I keep coming back to is the faux bois look.
I remember watching Martha awhile back when she dedicated part of her show to faux bois painting and crafting. I wanted to faux bois everything (and use 'faux bois' as many times as possible in this post cause it makes me sound real fancy-like).

My talented friend who is graciously making the cake loved the idea.

Here are some inspirations!

My friend actually sent me the picture of cake #5 so if we go with this look, the cake might look very similar to what you see above!

She's leaving for a crazy Southeast Asian travel extravaganza soon so we'll need to set a date to do some cake tasting.

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