Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

In our wedding planning we've managed to stay on the ball with most elements.
Except for a pretty big one: the invitations.
We got our save the dates out fairly early and got our guests the info on hotels so that they could start booking their rooms.
Taking for granted that most people have already made arrangements for accomodation, thus indicating their intention to show up, ...we've fallen behind on the invitations.
Last week we went and got our paper and we've made up a mock invite which we'll be giving to John's uncle who is printing our invites for us.
So hopefully they will be done and ready to hand out by next week.

We wanted to DIO (do-it-ourselves) as much as possible.
I found some inspirational images through handy-dandy google searches and we decided on a mason jar and hydrangea theme to match our centerpeices.

Then I got frustrated at how slowly things were moving invitation-wise and I started to play around with ideas (a thinly veiled threat that I was going to print out our invitations myself onto basic card stock paper, complete with terribly microsoft paint-ed image of a mason jar with flowers). I did manage to create a really cute reply card design that we did end up printing ourselves onto some linen-styled greyish green paper.

Creative kudos to for giving me the fool-proof tools to craft this.
And the image of the mason jar that I stole from somewhere (shhhh, pretty sure that's copyright infringement).

Anyway, if you're lucky enough (ha) to be invited to the wedding of the year (ha), keep an eye out for your invite. It should be in the mail shortly.

Lastly, I wrote the CRNE this morning.
I think it went well....? I won't know for a month or so now if I get to start putting 'RN' at the end of my name, but when I walked out I didn't feel like crying. Must be a good sign.
And more importantly, no more studying!
Now to celebrate.
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