Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazy Hazy Summer Days

Since finishing school I've found myself with a wonderful amount of free time. Not too much but not too little.
I didn't think I was actually studying all that much but I must have been because I've found myself doing things that previously I used to never have time for.
Last night I baked cookies for the first time in a long time. It felt (and smelled) so nice to have a finished batch of cookies cooling on the counter before I went to bed.

Other activities I've recently re-engaged myself in are things like reading (Game of Thrones! I need book 5 now!), catching up on celebrity gossip (Miley Cyrus engaged! Angelina Jolie rated a C+ mom by Star Magazine!), running (generally 4 times a week!), cleaning the apartment, and enjoying TV. I did try watching 'Girls' online yesterday and now my laptop is virused. I hope John can fix it tonight. My solution was to restart the computer. Twice.
Didn't fix it.

I've also been making dinner whenever I can. I'm trying to find new ways to incorporate as many vegetables into my diet as I can and so far so good.

And the nicest thing of all about lazy summer days is getting to end them with dinner on the balcony.

I'm so glad summer's here!

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