Thursday, September 3, 2009

Better Late than Never

After a bit of a hiatus I'm back!

Algonquin Park was as beautiful as always but our weekend was damp and cold. We arrived on Friday night after many stops and managed to miss most of the rain.
But it caught up to us on Saturday. And Sunday.

Saturday morning was cold and slightly miserable but we got all of our rain gear on, our camp gear packed up, and we headed to the portage store.

These shoes - purchased en route during a quick stop into Canadian Tire - quite literally saved me from freezing to death. As a victim of poor circulation my fingers and toes are always cold so these sexy shoes kept my feet dry and warm.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my own from the weekend. The weather was so dreary I didn't want to risk ruining my camera. I did take a few -

And I think this one sums up the weather we had quite nicely. I still had an absolutely amazing time and the water was beautiful right after each rain with the steam rising from it. My friend had her waterproof camera so I'm waiting for her to post her pictures so I can steal them and post some here!

I've had a busy last week at work. I helped with a training on Monday night, went grocery shopping and errand-running with my Dad on Tuesday night, and worked at my old pool last night. I miss that place.

Tonight is my night at home. Nice and lazy. I have to pack up for the cottage famjam though.

Today at work was "Pie Day" so I decided to be creative and make use of the 24 fresh figs I purchased on Tuesday. I made a fig pie!

It's a recipe from Martha but I adjusted it as I had no creme fresh on hand. The filling was cream cheese, ricotta, vanilla yogurt and some sugar. I roasted the figs for about 45 minutes in red wine, maple syrup, vanilla, peppercorns, grapefruit zest, and a sprinkling of sugar. They were goooooood. If they weren't so expensive/ellusive I would buy them every week. The pie ended up tasting pretty good, too. A bit on the rich side but it helps to keep portion size under control right ;)

Since tomorrow is my roomate's last day at work I baked some cookies for him to give to his coworkers. They both have/like cats so I tried my best to decorate them as such. They look a little sad but I will admit I wasn't prepared. Still kind of cute though.

J and I celebrated one year of cohabitation on Tuesday and went to Cafe Demetre. A very good way to end the first year of rooming together. Hopefully the first of many.

I'm testing out the potato salad recipe for our Cottage Cook-off dinner so I have to go get the potatoes!

Enjoy :)

Jamie, M.I.T

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