Friday, September 25, 2009

Last Camping Trip of 2009

I leave tomorrow for Algonquin Park.


And it's supposed to rain.


I call shenanigans on Mother Nature.

Anyway, I'm excited none-the-less.
I'm excited for 'smores, exercising the very under-used muscles in my arms with canoeing, and potentially (read: definitely) drinking boxed wine directly out of the bag. Those nozzles were made with the sole purpose of facilitation drinking in large-quantities.

Four litres of wine? Yes please.

But this is a "Good Thing" blog, a "domestically-inclined" blog so this preview into my occasional lush-like behaviour is over.

Wino forever.

Anyway, with fingers crossed #67 on my list of things to do before I die will finally be crossed off this weekend. What is that, you ask?

Well, this lofty life acheivement is to see a moose. In real life.

Like this:

Only maybe not on the road. I've already been involved in a deer-hit-and-run and that's enough wild-life hunting to last me a lifetime.
This is a more realistic vision of my dream. John and I sitting in our canoe, in awe of this majestic creature, in our matching track suits. Oh, you didn't know we had matching outfits? Surprise.
Wait. I lied. THIS is my dream:

For obvious reasons.

Before I sign off let us share a Martha moment.

How to build a fire:

Also, I would be tempted to organize as such (see below) if I didn't KNOW that it would go completely unappreciated. (P.S. I'm the only female going. Maybe one other but I've never met her).

It's a smore basket! How darling.

Ok that's all for me. Pray, cross your fingers, do whatever floats your boat but help me avoid a torrential down-pour tomorrow. Sun! Please!

I may go out and buy a disposable waterproof camera.

And a box of wine.

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