Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Theme Parties, Dahling

You know what I love?

Theme Parties.

They are AMAZING in every sense of the word.
I'm a huge sucker for anythng themed. Every December (for the past 3 years, anyway) I throw a Bad Christmas Sweater Party. I won't post those pictures until closer to Christmas. They are good.
Anyway, for your enjoyment I decided to post photos of some previous themed events.

Pirate Party. 3rd Year University. Possible the Best. Theme. Ever. My friend Kristian threw it in his backyard and it was some of the best decorating I've ever seen. Sand, loot, a skeleton guarding a treasure chest, a freakin' steering was beautiful.

My friend Kath threw a Sex-and-the-City themed birthday party one year. We also dressed up a la Carrie and the girls for the movie but I'll have to go dig for those pictures. This is the night that her boyfriend fell off the couch and squished my head between his backside and a hard table. I thought I was concussed and was too afraid to fall asleep for fear that I would never again wake up.

My BFFAEAEAEAEAEA Tracy threw herself a fancy shamncy Black & White Affair. It was fun and what gave it that little something extra, that je-ne-sais-quoi, was the guy in the middle's fur coat. That thing got around.

Because I am a nerd who knows no shame, I had a themed birthday party two summers ago. It was a prom theme. I bought that beaut from H&M for like $15. I still have it. I still really like it and wish I could wear it for everyday life.
Note: I also wore it to the bar. No one else wore their costume.

Earlier this summer, while I was still on strike (Thank you, City, for jeopardizing my ability to pay tuition) I organized a 1950's garden party. Picture one is of the ladies in their finery. I realize it's small and you can't see it too well but it's out of my hands now. Bottom line is we were cute. The second picture is of the meat loaf I made. More to the point it's a picture of my cat Oscar destroying the meat loaf that I made. He's to be excused though because he's on steroids for his cat AIDS. Not the sexually transmitted kind, just an auto-immune disease. Poor old boy. He's on the juice and he just can't help himself. He's so fat.

So there you have some theme ideas for any parties you might like to shake up. Costumes are fun and Value Village makes it easy on the wallet.
If you haven't had your fair share of costumes this year, wait a few months. I'll be sending out invites to the Bad Chrsitmas Sweater Party soon. Ya, I plan early. I already have a date set.
This year's charity though is still up for discussion.
If you have any ideas please let me know!
2007 was Sick Kids, and last year was Free the Children.
Last thing - my sister might be having a Country Kegger party for her birthday so you can bet I'll be running over to Value Village soon if she is. I almost bought a sparkly cowboy hat the other day, You know, just in case.

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