Sunday, September 20, 2009

I really love Halloween.
So much so that I may or may not have recently purchased a gown remeniscent of one Anne Boleyn would have worn, from the childrens section, and one that I may not even end up wearing this halloween. Oh dear.
Anyway, last year we had some friends over and I got to create some fun frightening snacks. I'll post pictures of last year's spooky spread a little closer to Halloween...seeing as there IS slightly over a month before it's upon us.
I was browsing through the Martha website and found these ideas that I want to try out this year:

The Graveyard cake. Seems pretty easy although without a headstone cookie cutter I know my shapes are going to be weird and won't hold their shape in the oven...hmmm

This "Boo-tiful" cake looks pretty amazing also. Slightly more complicated than the graveyard cake but I want it.

These invisible lolipops I am DEFINITELY making, maybe even before Halloween. And maybe again for Christmas depending on how well they work out. I've had issues with my corn syrup-sugar mix before (it hardened too soon and I actually cut my fingers on it trying to pull it out of my beaters) so I know I'd have to work fast and probably try it several times beore getting it right. But the possibilities!

Anyway, I'll post during the week when I have time. I'm off to Algonquin Park again next weekend so I'll be sure to take loads of photos of the changing colours.
Enjoy the week!

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