Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labour Day Weekend & the Cottage Cook-Off

Arguably my favourite thing about summer?

Campfires and the deliciousness associated with them.

My Labour Day weekend fam-jam at the cottage was so much fun. I spent a lot of time relaxing in the sun and in the lake, reading, and eating a LOT of really good food. My Get-Fit-For-Jamaica diet & exercise plan will commence in a few weeks.

The cook-off went very well. John and I went second and put up good competition I think. Saturday night's meal was amazing so kudos to M&A. They made ribs with a homemade sauce, open faced pulled pork sandwhiches (sooo good). coleslaw, sweet potato fries with two mayo-based dips, and cornbread. A's cornbread recipe was a good one as I find the ones that I've tried aren't always as sweet as I would like. I definitely want to get my hands on a copy of that pulled pork recipe.

Sunday night belonged to us and we chose breaded chicken stuffed with strawberries, nectarines, and goat cheese, potato salad with blue cheese, bacon, and chives, bacon-wrapped corn, and a summer squash tart. I was actually most impressed with the squash tart. It tasted sooo good. I'll put the recipe up later this week.

We also tried to step up our game with little place holder gifts.
A close-up of the potato salad
The long weekend was a fun way to spend the last few days of summer vacation. I'm back to school now and gearing up for long days of class, work, and clinical.
Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

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