Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Flower Dilemma

And so begins the planning!
Besides looking at venues (we may have found one!), last night John and I started to give some thought to how much we're going to need to budget for specific things.
We want to DIY as much as we can (obviously) because it is fun and because it'll help to keep costs down (so long as I can keep myself from going craft crazy).
We were looking at flowers last night, trying to figure out what we would need (centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc), which flowers are on the lower end of the cost spectrum, and whether or not we could DIY our own centerpieces.
We've got some really cute ideas for centerpieces that wouldn't be too costly but it really all depends on the flower situation.
I may also look into fake flowers for the centerpieces for cost comparisons...though I do likethe thought of having the smell of real flowers on the tables.

In terms of flowers here's what we're thinking:

I saw this picture of a bouquet made of viburnum and Queen Anne's lace and love it:

I really like the look of hydrangeas:

And then if I were to have an unlimited budget I would want beautiful white orchids

And the calla lillies that I originally always wanted to have

 And some dhalias. They've got that wonderful poofy look like the hydrangeas that I love.

I've asked my cousin's good friend who knows a lot about flowers for her input and her expert advice. 
C'mon cheap flowers! 

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