Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Serious Contender...

Planning is well underway!
We've emailed a few places about pricing and one of the places we were very interested in emailed us back almost immediately.
Point #1.
This place is beautiful - right on Lake Ontario so the ceremony overlooks the water and the reception is held in an open tent.
Point #2.
We worked out what we'd have to pay and though the number kind of takes your breath away at first, having never spent that much money in my life on anything, it's reasonable considering it's a wedding and we're going to end up spending around that much regardless. Also the package includes almost everything - a one hour guided wine tour + appetizers for the guests while we sneak away to take photos, a 3 course sit down dinner, a DJ... we even calculated the cost of doing an open bar for everyone (much to my mother's dismay) and even that is pretty reasonable!
Don't tell the venue, but they're either very generous or very naive. The price they want per person ... well let's just say they don't know our friends/family.
*Side note - Andrea, get ready for another night of bringing round after round of shots to random tables. And possibly another run in with the automatic paper towel dispenser if they have one. Nothing says 'classy bride' like having one too many fuzzy navels and competing with a towel dispenser.

Another bonus is that children under 5 are free so our friends and family with small children wouldn't necessarily be left trying to find a babysitter. Kids 6-12 are $15 a head, another bonus.
I wonder if they'd believe I was only 12...

Anyway, this place is looking really good.
In an effort to save some money we'd be looking at a Friday evening rather than a Saturday and this also secures us a free photographer.
Hopefully people would be able to get a day off or a half day and make the trek to Niagara. Or at least make it to the reception for the party!

Here are some pictures of the venue - Legends Estate Winery - for your browsing pleasure.
(All pictures taken from the website)

 There's something about all white decor that makes me happy...
Plus I can ask about putting in globe lanterns!

I promise I have some post ideas that don't involve anything wedding related!
I'm just excited.
I do have a Fam-Jam 2012 dinner to plan for (preparations are well under way and our theme is evolving nicely) so I'll post some food ideas soon!


  1. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    First - in our experience, people will come to a Friday wedding. I think that if people are coming from far away (or not so far away, ie Greely) they would likely plan to be leaving the day before the wedding ANYWAY, and if some friends or people can't get the whole day off, your wedding wouldn't be so far away from TO that they wouldn't be able to at least make a reception. I say go for it. If you like the venue, and it's more affordable that way, go for it! The day is about YOU and JOHN. The people who love you will do everything they can to make it. We didn't have anyone RSVP no because it was a Friday.
    Second- I think it's lovely! Have you been there yet? You know my next step is to check out the website :)
    Third - do you know the photographer or is it part of the package? If the photographer is free it may be worth doing a little engagement shoot to make sure you like the style of photos they do and that you like THEM before you let them capture your big day. I like our wedding photos, but wonder sometimes if we could have invested in something *more* - just a word of advice from a old married lady ;)
    XOXO to you! So looking forward to talk wedding in person!

  2. AnonymousJuly 13, 2011

    Ok. The pictures of that place are beautiful.
    REALLY excited to gush now.