Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This & That

Sorry - I've been computer-less for a few days.
I'll have a better post tomorrow with more stuff.
For today I thought I'd show you some of the stuff I've made recently.
My friend's birthday was this weekend and we hosted the pre-party.
Because he and I once created the most epic cheesecake of all time, I decided that making mini cheesecakes would be a good idea for his birthday cake. 
I took the recipe I used for my grandmother's cheesecake last weekend and made mini cakes in my muffin pan.  
You can find the recipe for these no-bake cheesecakes in this post - just make many small ones instead of a big one!

I also had a caramilk bar and in an effort to keep myself from sitting down and eating the entire thing I used it to make cookies!
The recipe for these is a Martha one and it's probably my favourite cookie recipe. The cookies are always so good.
You can find the recipe for these soft and chewy cookies in this post.

The annual Cottage Fam-Jam is rapidly approaching - this weekend!
We've got our theme picked out and most of the food decided upon...
I wonder if I'll be able to keep things a secret until I return!
Perhaps some ideas posted tomorrow....

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