Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best of T.O.: Hamburger Edition

Yesterday at work (before I was afflicted with the mother of all migraines), I was reading through a list of the 50 Best Burgers in Toronto.
I love hamburgers.
I love Toronto.
I live in Toronto.
It's a list I couldn't help but get into.

I've never been to most of the places on the list but I'm inspired now to start expanding my hamburger horizons and try out some of the top picks.
Since many of you do not reside in Toronto I challenge you to find the best burger in your city.

From the pages of NOW Magazine Toronto, I present to you ...
The Top 10 Burgers (under $10) in Toronto.

1. Burger's Priest (1636 Queen St. East at Coxwell) - order The Double Double Cheeseburger
2. Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder (699 St. Clair West at Christie) - order The Butter Burger
3. Woody's Burgers (3795 Lake Shore Blvd West at Brown's Line)
4. Golden Star (7123 Yonge St. at Doncaster) - order the All-Star Burger Deluxe
5. W Burger Bar (10 College St. at Yonge)
6. European Meats (176 Baldwin, at Kensington) - order The Texas Burger
7. Gourmet Burger Company (482 Parliament at Carlton) - order The Aussie Burger
8. Chuck and Co. (672 St. Clair West, at Christie) - order the Bacon Cheddar Burger
9. Burger Shack (223 Eglinton Ave W at Oriole Pkwy) - order The Homemade Banquet Burger
10. BQM Burger (354 Queen St. at Christie) - order the BQM Banquet Burger

Having only had a burger from one of the Top Ten Under Ten list, I have to recommend the Homemade Banquet Burger from Burger Shack.
It's big and it's delicious.
And it's walking distance from my apartment.

Keep in mind this list went on to recommend 40 more burgers - including those over $10, vegetarian burgers, and more.
If you want to check out the rest of the list you can see Toronto's Best Burgers in all of their glory here.

Someone take me to Burger's Priest please.

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