Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Save the Date Ideas

After agreeing that we would not begin planning anything right away and just enjoy being engaged, I have done nothing BUT plan.
It's a sickness, really.
I just love having parties to plan and this is the ultimate party. I can't help it so I've been doing my planning in secret.
I bought some bridal magazines which I've stashed at work and have already seen a number of great ideas I want to try and incorporate into my wedding.

But since we have been engaged for all of 6 days we have no idea where we will be getting married or when.
We know ideally we want to do it on a vineyard somewhere in the Niagra region so later on this summer we'll be heading in that direction to check out some of the possible venues.
The one's currently that I know do weddings include Chateau des charmes, Reif, East Dell (though I can't find a direct website for the winery for some reason), and I forget now what the others were.
Oh well.
Once we find a venue we can set a date and then I can get started on these save the date cards!

I had to check the etiquette but save the date cards usually go out about 4-6 months prior to the wedding.
And since we're looking at likely August or September 2012.... I won't be able to send them out until February at the earliest.
It'll give me time to perfect them!

So I found some cool ideas and I think I've choosen which one I want but here are my faves:

1. Photo Booth

 It looks hard to see but in the first picture they're holding a "SAVE" card, in the second a "THE", the third a "DATE" and in the last they're holding a card with the date on it. Very cute.


This is because I am a bookophile. Is that a new word? Possibly. I don't understand people who don't love getting lost in a good book.

3. Scratch and Reveal

This one is the winner. I think it'll take a few tries to perfect it as the reviews said sometimes when scratching the date comes off with it....hmmm. But I want to make these. They are cute and whimsical and fun AND on top of all of that they are an arts & crafts project!  
I've already saved the template and have my Michael's shopping list ready to go.

Now all I need is a date to put in!

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