Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Getting Married!

Obviously not for a little while yet but John proposed and we are engaged!

 That picture was taken by my best friend Tracy (who is also planning her wedding) who came over on Thursday night with her fiance Tyler.
Fiance. What a word. I feel somewhat pretentious calling John my fiance but I'm sure I'll end up doing it a lot.

Tuesday is our 5 year anniversary so John took me out for dinner on Thursday night to celebrate. I start back to work on Monday and will be working til 8:45 Mon-Fri so we won't have a chance to go out for dinner on the actual day. We went to La Vecchia which is conveniently right around the corner and is arguably my favourite restaurant in the city. Definitely my favourite for Italian food. Afterwards we popped over to Metro to grab some groceries for the long weekend cottage trip and then we came home. John told me he had gotten me some anniversary gifts and that we would have some champagne on the balcony to celebrate. He told me to wait in the kitchen until he had it all set up so I stayed in there trying to kill time. Did the dishes.
When I went out he had set the balcony up with candles and had his laptop open. We popped the champagne and toasted to 5 years together. He told me he had created a photo album for our anniversary but because of the postal strike it hadn't arrived but luckily there was the online preview. I started tearing up at the first page! Little did I know...
The photo album was beautiful and had pictures from the places we had been and all of the things we had done together.
Then the last few pages said "Where shall we go next?" There was a slide of Peru, and a slide of Egypt.
The final slide said, "It won't matter where we go as long as you'll wear this..."
At which point he turned to me and I started bawling my eyes out only to stop myself quickly, having a panicky thought that maybe this wasn't what I assumed. Perhaps it was a travel backpack I'd be wearing.

He did the pre-ring talk, none of which I remember because my inner voice was saying "ohmygodohmygodmohmygodthisishappeningohmygodohmygod".
Then he got down on one knee, opened the ring box and asked me to marry him.
I didn't even look at the ring before saying yes and jumping into his arms! He had to ask me if I wanted to look at it haha.
It's beautiful, by the way:

Exactly what I wanted.
He and my sister did a fantastic job!
I've been starring at it all weekend.
The cottage was a blast and John's good friend brought up champagne for a toast.
A very thoughtful and wonderful friend.

I am bursting with happiness. I've known since roughly a month into our relationship that he was the person I was meant to spend my life with.
I love you, John, with every inch of my being and I cannot wait to marry you <3

So expect wedding stuff to start popping up on this blog!
I'm excited to go buy some bridal magazines to keep at work now!
Work can be a bit of a bore so I can start brainstorming!

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  1. such a beautiful ring and a sweet, sweet story! congrats again.