Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting in Touch with my Inner Warrior...

Despite wanting to do nothing more than image search wedding themed items and add pictures and lists to the protective pages in my wedding binder (more on that in a second), I am going to take you in a totally different direction with this post. 


But first let me get some wedding-related stuff out there first.
I took my ring in yesterday to be re-sized.
What a horrible feeling handing back your engagement ring is. The woman could obviously see the hesitation on my face when she asked for it because she apologized as I put it in her hand.
Robin and I then wandered around the store trying on rings to find the one she wants when her time comes. 
As for my wedding binder, it now consists of a mostly empty binder with the exception of a (very) rough first draft of a guest list. 
We're over the number I was hoping for by about 30 people....
I'm dreading the day when it comes time to get mean and break out the red pen.
The plan is to divide the binder into sections so I can organize everything from flowers to the venue to contact information for guests to favours and invites.

But that's enough wedding talk for one day.
As the week's pass there will be more and more wedding stuff so I'll try and spare you.

Later this afternoon I'm participating in a little something called the Warrior Dash in Barrie, Ontario.
Essentially it is a 5K run but the course is peppered with obstacles. 
While I don't know exactly what I will find myself up against, I think these things can be considered likely:

 Lots of mud.


Climbing nets.

I'm pretty excited to get down and dirty. To feel that old familiar muscle ache from over exertion. To earn my viking helmet and feel a new sense of accomplishment.

Then I can come home to a bubble bath and my bridal magazines.

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