Saturday, December 12, 2009

13 Days Til Christmas! (Day 12)

The Christmas Lights on Grafton Street in Dublin.
Dublin was a bittersweet visit. It was very nice to see my family again as I don't see them very often what with being separated by an ocean and all... but obviously it would have been preferable to be visiting them under different circumstances. Above is my sister and our cousin Amy during our quick venture downtown for some shopping.
If you ever find yourself in either Dublin or London make it a priority to get yourself into Primark (London - on Oxford street) or Penney's (Dublin - 2 in the Grafton st. area) because they have ridiculously low prices and amazing stuff.
We got back yesterday and I slept straight through the night. Apparently John got a phone call...didn't hear a thing. I was out for the count.

This is proof that if John thinks I'm bad about Christmas decorating.... well, he could have done worse in the roommate department. A lot worse.

This is the house across the street from my Aunt and Uncle. Amazing. Apparently this is scaled down from last year.......yikes.

Sorry, I was just impressed that they have holiday cans! We got these on the flight from Toronto to New Jersey. Fantastic. I wanted to keep the can but thought we'd probably get them on the flight back again but no such luck :(
John and I went to Ikea today and got our fantastic $20 tree then came home, slapped on some christmas music and set it up. I also (finally) decorated the apartment! So happy. I'll take pictures of it and post it all tomorrow. We still need to put the lights on the tree. We have a red and white/silved theme this year but we got a little carried away in the ornament department. You'll see what I mean tomorrow.
Sorry there's no craft or recipe today but I'm tired and spent all my energy decorating. I'll do a much more in depth post tomorrow.
Nighty night!
P.S. My Nanny (mom's side) is now a great-grandmother! My first second-cousin (?) was born on Thursday. Congrats Mike and Andrea!! I'm so excited to meet little Leah on boxing day!

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