Sunday, December 20, 2009

6 Days 'Til Christmas! (Day 19-ish)

I was doing so well with posting everyday and then in the 11th hour (almost) I let it slip. But I did have my Bad Sweater Party yesterday so I was literally on the go from the moment I woke up. I got up around 8:30, went to Costco with my mom and John for last minute stuff, then got home and went to the party room with John to set everything up. Then I had to go pick my sister up from the airport (she had been in Cuba - she's so dark) and come back and decorate cookies. My friend and neighbour was kind enough to come over and help me decorate the sugar and gingerbread cookies. They looked so darling:

I was also very fortunate to have so many friends willing to help out this year. Aside from my neighbours who did SO much for me (I got 'em a gift, may slip it under their door tomorrow), I had friends bring cookies, cakes, cupcakes, dip... it was fantastic. Here are just a few of the delicious baked goods that were brought over:

Michelle's sugar cookies

Tracy's Strawberry Crumble Muffins

Danielle's Cake Boss cake. I didn't want anyone to cut into this....but they did. And the cake was delicious.

Monica's macaroons (the chocolate cookies), Conor's mom's chocolate chip cookies (in the cylindrical container), and Mike's carrot cake (bottom)

I made some Royal Icing for the first time ever - after my search for powdered meringue has been proved fruitless. The recipe I used was easy and the icing dried very hard and quickly but it wasn't thick enough when I was putting it on so I would recommend adding more icing sugar. All you have to do is mix together:
2 cups icing sugar
2 egg whites
Now I must post again for today!

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