Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 Days 'Til Christmas! (Day 20)

5 more days! 5 more days! 5 more days! Ohhhh man Christmas is so close I can taste the turkey! The sweater party yesterday evening was a HUGE success. It definitely topped last year's celebration. The food was delicious and was a big hit. I owe a big thanks to Conor as he suggested less sweet and more savoury this year. We cut the cookies, etc down to one table and made meatballs, sausage rolls, pita and amazing hummus that Marion made, tortilla chips and dip that Monica made, plus a cheese platter of goat cheese with cranberry and cinnamon, and a brie and a brie en croute. There was nothing left but crumbs.

I also made use of all the amazing decorations I got from the dollarstore.
Oh AND my ebay sweater came. I'll save my homemade one for next year.
And as is tradition (which began last year), we got a group shot. I love the group shot.

To raise money for the Daily Bread Food Bank I crafted a stripping Santa - you better believe the prospect of Santa stripping down to his skivvies really got people's wallets loosened up. I think we raised a grand total of about $205. I'm happy!

And just for good measure, that's what John's sweater said. Love it.

Ohhhh now I'll have to brainstorm some amazing ideas for next year to try and top yesterday's party!

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