Thursday, December 17, 2009

8 Days 'Til Christmas! (Day 17)

It becomes painfully obvious when I am done exams because I do things like that (above). I mean, why not? And who needs photoshop when you can create masterpeices like that using Microsoft paint???

So I did some crafting today when I returned from my exam this morning. I did the yule logs using the template that I posted a few days ago. They're SO easy to make and look SO good. I haven't made 'em sparkle yet but their time will come. Here they are:

Again, all you need is some toilet paper rolls/paper towel rolls (the template will print PERFECTLY sized for a toilet paper roll though), glue, and this template.

Upon browsing the templates on the Martha website, I came across a few others that I definitely want to use.

I also made a recipe that I posted around Halloween - the invisible lollipops!

They're easy to make BUT they harden really fast so if I do them again I'd for sure get a helper to put the sticks and candies in while I poured out the syrup. And they obviously don't pour into perfect circles.

The ones at the bottom are some of the ones I didn't get a stick into fast enough and didn't want to waste a stick if it was just going to fall out. I did manage to press some candy into them though.
P.S. these are sticky and will stick to your teeth like nobodies business so don't chew.
You can link to the website recipe, but all you need to do is heat 2 cups of sugar and 2/3 cup corn syrup up to a boil and then let the mixture boil until it hits 300 degrees (get a candy thermometer-seriously. I've burnt many a pot without one and ruined a number of fudge attempts).

Oh, I found Santa last year. He was hanging outside a convenient store in my neighbourhood.

Lastly, the Olympic torch is passing by my area tonight so I'm going to go down and try to snap a picture! I wanna carry it one day.

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