Thursday, December 10, 2009

15 Days 'Til Christmas (Day 10)

Home stretch, home stretch, home stretch! Man, in no time Christmas Eve will be upon us.
Tres excitent.
I thought I'd give you's guys another break from recipes and crafts and talk about something else that floats my boat come the holidays:
Christmas Trees!
There is nothing like the smell of pine trees. I love them. I wrote my December exams in a building of the St. Lawrence Market last year and they were selling trees outside so everytime I walked by it put me in such a good mood. My mom also gave me 2 bars of pine-scented soap last year and I still have one of them. It's coming out once I'm home from Ireland.
Last year John and I got our tree from Ikea and we most likely will do the same again this year. When I own a house though, I want to do this:
Hike out into the forrest and chop one down. Or if that's illegal/frowned upon, go to a tree farm and chop one down.
We almost bought a Charlie Brown tree last year but decided to go for a big, full pine tree. So big, in fact, that we had to trim the top of it to get it to stand up in the apartment.

I also want to see this tree before Christmas one year:

The tree in Rockefellar in NYC. Although, I have seen it. We spent a new years in New York about 3 years ago. So much fun. We popped champagne under the Empire State building. Kristian thought that his grandfather's 15 year old champagne would be aged to perfection but, alas, champagne does not get better with age. It turns to vinegar. I definitely want to go back to NYC in the springtime.

Oh hey there big NYC tree.

I'll take some photos of my tree when I get it, which should be some time this coming weekend.
Hope everyone else is enjoying their trees (if you have one/celebrate Christmas)!

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