Wednesday, December 9, 2009

16 Days 'Til Christmas (Day 9)

Everyday we got closer and closer to big day. I am so excited for Christmas! I actually love the build-up to Christmas more than the actual day. The anticipation, all the holiday celebrations...sigh. Best time of year, hands down.

As promised (several days ago) here is the wreath that I crafted!




She's a beauty. I got the bow from Dollarama and the jingle bells from another dollar store last year. All the rest of the decorations came from Michael's craft store, including the wreath itself.
I highly suggest you make your own wreath for two reasons:
1. It'll probably end up being much cheaper, and
2. It's so much more fun and personal.
I may try to make a white one, or a wreath of candy, or a wreath of ball-decorations.
If I do, I'll post.

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