Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Days 'Til Christmas! (Day 23)

Jersey Boys last night was amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to go hear some good music and be entertained. Our dinner also went off with only a few glitches. We overestimated how much time we would have so we had to cut back on the fancy presentation of the salad, my cookie name place holders didn't quite work out as expected as the dough wouldn't get hard enough in time....and my bouche looked less like a log of wood and more like a log of....well...
Anyway here is what our beautiful holiday table looked like:

And the name place holders.... my mom's ('Patti') was the only one that was remotely legible. The cookies tasted great though!
My somewhat gross looking bouche de noel:

The ganache icing hardened in the fridge and I forgot to wipe the plate before that. Looks like poop (literally) but tastes like heaven. Oh man, not to toot my own horn but the chocolate mouse rolled up in it is so good. Mmmmm. And I put little marshmallows on the top and burned them with my brulee torch.

Right now I'm baking the panettone bread pudding for a christmas party! It smells really good.

Ok, I gotta try and squeeze in one more episode of Dexter before I leave. :)

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