Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bridal Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

I went to the Bridal Show today with my neighbour whose wedding in Jamaica is this July. We got me in for free by registering me as a bride also. And I wore a fake engagment ring to seal the deal hahaha ohhh man.
They had a booth where they were selling jewelery cleaner and they were offering to clean rings for free. Marion got her's cleaned and I had to subtly give the woman my real silver ring. I was too afraid that if I handed over my "engagement" ring the silver paint would rub off and she'd call me out. Oops. Wouldn't my face be red.
There were lots of freebies and a few cake samples. I tried some really good raspberry vanilla cake, chocolate mouse (went back to the booth with those 2 twice), and then another booth with chocolate banana, lemon, and cafe latte which were the most delicate cakes I've ever tried. I'm keeping their card for the future. Maybe I'll get to look into their goods a little more seriously some day....
I also got 3 HUGE magazines free - why are bridal magazines so thick??? I'll have to hide these under the bed. I'm kind of excited to look through them though.

We also got some free tote bags and pens and lip balm, etc.
My favourite?
I entered a contest in which I could win a $7000 ring, or a chance to go to New York City and have Randy (from Say yes to the dress) pick out a dress from Kleinfeld's for me of which $5000 will be paid for! Hahaha I know, I know, marriage isn't even on the horizon but a girl can dream can't she? I would die. I love that show. It's my Friday night indulgence. And with a $5000 credit for a dress I'm pretty sure I'd pick one out anyway. I guess I'd have to get John to play along so they wouldn't crush my dreams because of a silly little lie.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
It's a trip for 2 to NYC also so maybe if you say a lil' prayer for me you could be my +1. Because I'm obviously going to win. Right? How could I not?
Also I think my picture is going to be on the website for in the upcoming future. Also they announce the winner of the ring on Wednesday so I'll have to check back. I'd rather the Kleinfeld's gift though.
Alright, I gotta go get ready for a Saturday night out :)

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