Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Football's got a new fan

Well hello!
Today - I don't have a recipe for you or a craft. I thought I would, instead, talk to you about something I am attempting to get into.
American football.
My best friend is having a Super Bowl party and, despite having watched a superbowl game once or twice before, I do not know any rules. About a week ago I got a kind soul that I work with to break it down for me and explain it to me in the simplest (read: dumbest) terms. I kind of have a grasp on it now. Admittedly there are still things that stump me like offside kicks (?) but I believe I know enough to watch a game and follow it.
I put that theory to the test last Sunday over at my neighbour's place while we watched the Jets - Chargers game.
It was then that I noticed a fan in the cowd dressed up like a very stereotypical Mexican man, complete with moustache, poncho, and sombrero. The QB is a fella named Sanchez. How clever.
Since the Jets won and are getting closer to the final game, I've decided that should they make it to the superbowl, I will cheer for the Jets.
Simply for the dress-up factor.
Yes friends, I am going to offend the beejeepers out of my politically correct, very culturally competent mother and dress up like a stereotypical Mexican. Named Sanchez.
Go Jets!

Also it doesn't hurt that this Sanchez QB in question looks like this:

Oh hello there, muscley arms.
*Note: while learning the various QBs and other players in football, I was able to familiarize myself with the more popular ones by their celebrity connections.
Tom Brady? Oh he's married to Gisele Bundchen.
Tony Romo? Dated Carrie Underwood, recently broke up with Jessica Simpson, and may or may not currently be dating Chace Crawford's pageant-contestant sister.
Matt Leinart? Oh he's friends with Nick Lachey.
Reggie Bush? Dating Kim Kardashian.
Michael Vick? Where to start....

Are you impressed with my celebrity knowledge? Are you sad for me? You should be. Think of all that valuable brain space that could be housing drug names, families, and actions. I bet my patient's will appreciate the celebrity gossip updates.
All that celebrity-talk got me thinking. You know who I really like?
Diane Kruger.
She's quite an attractive woman, has great taste in clothes, was in Inglourious Basterds, and is dating Pacey.

Love her.

Up early for clinical tomorrow, then it's Friday! My favourite day of the week.
I'll have a recipe for you then.

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