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100 posts!
How terribly exciting.
I came on to post about something not at all exciting but now I feel like I have to hype it up a little to make the 100th post special!
But let me talk about what I wanted to post about first.
There is a resident of my building who has an English bulldog named Sophia. John as kind of fallen in love with her. This dog might be my only hope of getting a puppy. I wikipedia-ed bulldogs (because it is the most highly respected source of any and all information ever) and it told me that English bulldogs fall 77th on a list of 79 dogs ranked in order of smartest to dumbest.
But they are kind of so ugly-they're-adorable, as depicted in the photos below:
That's actually just cute. Not ugly at all.

That one too. Adorable!
I added some fuel to the fire by getting John to brainstorm fun British names with me for our potential future apartment pal. Runners up were: Reginald, Elton, Tiberius, Brutus, Neville Longbottom, etc.
Final decision: Winston Churchill. Ol' smoosh-face Winnie. Although I may have to limit the vast array of nicknames if the dog is on the lower end of the obedience/understanding spectrum.

Please check out this website if you get a minute.
There are some great little stories on it.
This is the best part because it basically explains why a bulldog would be perfect for us:

"Care for adult English bulldogs involves the following:
-regular feeding in the morning and at night(some dogs require special food to prevent alleriges)
-light exercise once a day
-daily facial cleaning to prevent fold dermatitis
-regular vet visits
-a good couch to sleep on"

Without making it too obvious, a less active dog might be the key. We both have busy-ish schedules so laziness could be the golden ticket.
I know dogs eat shoes and slobber on things, and generally wreak havoc but I want a poooopy dog. A little Winston.
I'll keep you posted.
We're researching (I'm procrastinating proof reading my essay) other breeds of dog. If you have any suggestions please pass them my way.
Please keep in mind:
  1. I live in a small-ish apartment but have access to a balcony and kind of really want to build a little square of lawn complete with fire hydrant for it.
  2. I do not want a large dog. Small to medium sized suggestions only.
  3. It has to be adorable.
  4. It should be a lovey dog, not yappy, and not overly hyper.

Does that leave any dogs?

I know I promised an exciting 100th post but I really should get back to my essay.

And by essay I mean dog research and the Grammy awards :)

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