Friday, January 29, 2010

Games Night & A Superbowl Recipe

It's Games Night!!!
And I'm excited.

I'm hoping that one or both of the classic games above will make an appearance tonight. I have a bit of a competitive streak and I also like to think of myself as a bit of pop-culture know-it-all so I really like to win, especially at Scene it.
But really, I much prefer just getting to play it with friends than winning.

So before I find you a recipe I have a recommendation for you:

I don't know how wide-spread across Canada they are but there is a store right near me and at the recommendation of my friend, I popped in today and bought the creme brulee tea. It is soooo good. If you can find a store I highly suggest you look into getting some of their tea. I want to try the Tirimisu next.
As we stand now, there is slightly over a week until the Superbowl. This means you have only about a week to figure out what snacks you'll need to buy, what recipes you want to try out, and which team you'll be backing - although I'm fairly certain legitimate tried and true football fans already have a preference. I must admit, I'm going to root, root, root for the Colts. I know, they beat the Jets and ol' muscley-arms Sanchez but I kind of have a soft spot for Mr. Manning as he once hosted SNL. I think I mentioned that before. John is cheering for the Saints so between the two of us we're cheering for a winning team.
I also was easily won over by the prospect of putting horseshoe's on my clothing.
So if you're planning on having a big Superbowl party, getting together with a few friends, or just thinking about sitting home alone or with a loved one next Sunday, I have a recipe that you should try:
Waffle Chips
(courtesy of, obviously)

1. Peel 4 potatoes. Using a mandoline fitted with the zigzag blade, slice potatoes 1/8 inch thick, rotating them a quarter turn after each slice to create a waffle pattern. Soak slices in cold water 1 hour.

2. Fill a 6-quart heavy-bottomed pot with 2 1/2 quarts vegetable oil, and heat over medium-high until it reaches 365 degrees on a deep-fry thermometer. Meanwhile, drain potatoes; blot dry with paper towels. In batches, fry potato slices until golden brown, 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Drain on paper towels. Lightly season with coarse salt. (Adjust heat between batches, if necessary, to keep oil temperature at 365 degrees.)

Delish. Bad for you, yes. But delicious none the less. You could always try and brush them with a few tsp of olive oil and then bake them for a healthier option. They won't be cripsy like potato chips though.

Well, friends, I am off to do my hair in anticipation of a big games night!


P.S. I changed the inner cannula of a trach tube today. And didn't vomit!

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