Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shrimp Pasta and....Mermaids!

Good evening!
I stayed true to my get-fit resolution AND my like-seafood resolution today. I got up and went to the gym this morning despite my aching thighs, glutes, arms, etc. Monday's work out reminded me that I really haven't done much physically activity in awhile....oops. But I'm back at it. I did the Wednesday muscle stuff like an hour ago too so I'm giving it 100%. Tomorrow I get a break but I'm back at it on Friday.
I bought some shrimp on Tuesday - garlic and butter, and white wine and herb flavoured. I had planned to make a shrimp pasta but I was running very late from a doctor's appointment, volunteering, and dropping off and subsequently waiting almost 30 mins to pick up a perscription. Holy moly. Anyway, John, being the great roommate he is, picked up the slack and went ahead with the shrimp pasta. I forgot to take a picture of it before we devoured it so this "in-situ" (situ = tupperware container) snap shot will have to do.

It was pretty tasty.....the pasta, I mean. I really thought I liked shrimp more than I do... I like 'em better than straight up fish because they're kind of meatier and not as fishy but it was like my mind was yelling "FISH! FISH! FISH!" every time I took a bite. I ate two. Not bad.
I tried to finaggle the recipe from John and very cryptically he told me this: he heated up some oil, sauteed onion, then added in red pepper and garlic. Then he cooked the spaghetti. For the sauce he mixed a bit of spaghetti sauce with some diced cherry tomatoes and cream cheese and black pepper. Delish.
Not an exact recipe but do with it as you will. It's goooooood. It'd be so much better with chicken instead of shrimp ;)
Since fish = seafood = sea = mermaids, I thought to myself, 'why not share with your 4 readers your love of mermaids?'
So I'm going to.
My mom started me on picking up mermaids. Not like in a bar, I mean buying decorative mermaids for the apartment. She gave me my first one and I've bought every other one with her. Plus I may or may not have a mermaid permanently on me.

This one I got when I was a wee lass in Florida. I assume purchased by my mama

This one I got in Perth, Ont, near my Nanny's cottage:

This one I also got in the same store as the mermaid above, and she's hanging right above my bedside table. I could hang something on her tail but don't really want to.

This posed siren is the first one my mom gave me from that same store in Perth. She's in the bathroom. Watching.

Well, there you have it!
I'm heading to bed before I cave and eat the open box of Quality Street Chocolates that are looking at me. Same with the jar of jelly beans. And eggies. Ohhhhh nooooooo!
I'm going to see the Body World's exhibit at the Science Centre tomorrow with my clinical group. I'm very excited!!!
I'll update on Friday but please note we are not allowed to take pictures of the exhibit :( I'll see what I can do though. I have taken pictures of the Sistine chapel and the statue of David....

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