Monday, January 18, 2010

Products I Like Right Now

No work for me tonight. I had a meeting at school so I kind of have a free pass tonight. And are you at all curious as to what I am doing with my free time?
Watching The Bachelor. I do not like Michelle. Please watch this week's episode where the group date has to perform at the comedy club. Michelle is awful. And the looks she gives the other girls and Kathryn when she kisses Jake....
Moving on.....
What I meant to say is that I'm diligently working on writing 2 papers that are looming on the horizon......that's better, right?
Since I have some free time I thought I would shamelessly plug some products that I particularly enjoy. These are my "Good Things" for this week.

First up are the Breathe Right Nasal Strips. I was very skeptical of these when they first came out and it took a free sample to finally convince me to try them. They are fantastic! Coming from someone who has had a serious addiction to Dristan nasal spray (no joke, it got to the point where the free passage of air through my nose depended completely upon a few sprays every few hours..... not good), these strips are not medicated and naturally open your nostrils to allow for easier breathing. They feel kind of weird and can be a touch painful to remove in the morning but I can't toot their horn enough.

Next up, we have Prevens makeup removal wipes. I bought a pack of 15 because they were on sale and I'm tired to smearing oily makeup remover across my face to get rid of the raccoon eyes. These work wonders and are gentle on your face and really clean it all off with no residue. Plus if you're like me and tend not to wear a ton of makeup, you can reuse the wipes by putting them back in the pack and resealing it. I love me this product.
Last but not least, a late harvest vidal aka poor-man's icewine. The Wine Rack has been having an end of bin sale and though they did have ice wine for $17.50 (including the cabernet franc one that I've tried and LOVED and wanted) they only had slim pickings left. What they did have was this late harvest vidal on for 2 for $19.95. I bought the two and can't wait for an opportunity to pour myself a glass. Maybe on Wednesday night. Yum.

Well my pretties, I am going to finish watching this week's episode of The Bachelor and then head over to the local bar to wish John's mom a very Happy Birthday!!!

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