Saturday, August 21, 2010

Arts & Crafts

Yesterday I did much more than I originally thought I had done.
Aside from prepping bread dough (I just took the sourdough out of the oven. SUCCESS! It tastes like sourdough!), oven drying tomatoes, marinading chicken, and questioning laundry room etiquette, I also did an arts and crafts project.
This is one I've done before and I think it's such an easy, simple way to create good looking storage items.
A few years ago, I was killing time in the aisles of a dollarstore when I came across self-adhesive drawer liners. I saw one in a beautiful black and white floral pattern so I picked up 2 rolls of it, not quite sure what it's purpose would ultimately be.
When we moved into the apartment and were attempting to minimize clutter, I remembered the drawer liners and decided to line the outside of a cardboard box with it.
It is now a lovely box that houses our DVDs.
I am once again looking to minimize the accumulating clutter so yesterday I popped into the dollarstore near us (not a dollarama therefore one of those fake dollarstores that charge $3,$4,$5, and up dollars for items) looking for self-adhesive drawer liners, preferably in a black and white pattern to try and stick with the decor of the living area.
I didn't find any black and white but I did find a wood pattern.
My love for Martha's love of all things faux bois, I bought two rolls and hurried home with a purpose.

Work in progress: formerly a memory foam matress box

Now a lovely wooden chest. This picture actually doesn't do it justice, I'm quite impressed by how true to life it actually looks.

The second arts & crafts-ish project I finished up yesterday was the oven-dried tomatoes.
I found 2 1/2 hours was my total drying time.
I packed them into olive oil that I had infused with rosemary about an hour before hand.
It looks so nice!
I will definitely repeat this process and use this idea for gift baskets.

I hope the maintenance staff appreciate my hard work.
I'm tempted to write 'THIS IS HOMEMADE!!!' on the jar but I will resist the temptation.
They'll know.

I hope.

Off to work (Saturday, groan) and then the Jamaica party to overdose on food.

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