Thursday, August 19, 2010

Festival - a Twist on the Traditional Donut

When I was in Jamaica I fell in love with a delicious, albeit unhealthy, side dish:
It's very similar in both taste and texture to the old fashion plain donut you'd get at Tim Horton's but there's something about festival that makes you want to look past the fact that it's literally almost 100% deep fried flour.
The cornmeal, although a subtle addition, gives it the interesting flavour.
Before we left Jamaica, I ordered a side of festival from the restaurant we stopped in at in the airport.
Now considering that, under normal circumstances, they look like this:

I think I did a fairly good job when you take a look at the festival that I made last night:

I started making the festival in the classic sausage shape but decided I might run out of dough and thought that people might not want to indulge in an entire hand's length of fried dough. So I went with festival balls.
The one featured prominently in my photos kind of looks like a tempura-ed shrimp but it's not. The dough just sort of expanded out of the ball shape once it hit the oil.
I did allow myself to sample my product as I've been very very good about keeping up with my running-training schedule.
Funny story actually - and let me preface this story by telling you a little fact about myself, in case you didn't know it already: I have no sense of direction. None. Zip, zilch, zero. Nada.
North? It's the direction I'm facing.
I ran home from work on Monday which takes me about 30 minutes. I decided that seeing as this is the week of the 6 mile runs that I would run past my apartment and head over to the nearby high school and hop on the track for 2 or 3 extra miles. But, alas, the track was locked up at every door. So, not ready to call it quits, I decided I'd run over to the cemetary at the end of my street and run through it for the rest of my 50 minute run. Lo and behold! The cemetary's visiting hours end at 4:3o so my plan B was foiled. Plan C was to find a side street and make my way back to the apartment.
Remember how I prefaced this story?
The side streets DO NOT MATCH UP with the side streets in my immediate area. Needless to say I got lost. And the sun had already begun to set.
The good news? I made it home AND successfully ran somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7 miles. An hour and ten minutes. 70 minutes.
Get ready Toronto Waterfront, I'm coming for you.
A 6.5 mile run yesterday morning definitely warranted some festival.
It's good.
Jamaica reunion party on Saturday.
Guests, get ready.
The festival is coming.

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