Monday, August 2, 2010

Long Weekend Tid Bits

What a great way to spend a long weekend.
Good times with good eats and most importantly with good people.
The weather was beautiful and we had lots of time for sunning, skiing, swimming and humming ...or la-la-la-ing :)

I'll post pictures (and follow-up recipes for some items) of the dinners that we had and made but before the Bachelorette ends and I head over to the pub, I want to show you all how well my favours turned out!
I was pretty excited.
I started by printing out 20 trivia questions that I found through various google searches.
Then I stained the paper with a tea bag to make it look older and more like a message in a bottle.
I cut up each trivia question and rolled it up (question side out to maximize the beautiful tea-stain colour slash I forgot to stain the back of the paper). Then, with help from several family members, we tied each roll of paper up with raffia and put them into the spice jars.

Message-in-a-bottle trivia!

Everything needed was purchased from dollarama (best. store. ever.) just to prove that nice things do not need to be expensive.

Tomorrow I'll put up pictures of the mango salsa which also turned out delicious.
Back to work tomorrow.......and to get my drivers licence renewed. I have like 3 days before my driving priveleges get nixed. Oops :s

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