Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Morning in the Kitchen

All in all I've had a very busy morning, in and out of the kitchen.
I got up to hit the gym at 8 am for my 7 mile run - yep, 7 miles. 7.25 to be exact. Haha I'm gloating cause I'm proud of my discipline.
Then I took the laundry down, put on Martha, and made the sponge for my sourdough which I hope to get to tonight.

The sponge looks gross but I'm excited to see how this first loaf turns out. Sourdough aparently is a lengthier process than I initially thought! To make the sponge you add 2 1/2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water to 1 cup of the starter. Stir them together and then let it sit for a few hours or overnight in a warm place to ferment or to 'proof'.
So I'm hoping to have it proofed by the time I get home from work so I can finish the baking process.
Since tomorrow is the big Jamaica reunion party (our friend who lives in New Brunswick is coming into Toronto so we're all getting together and enjoying all the beer, food, and music that we enjoyed on our trip), I went out and purchased the ingredients I needed to mix up the jerk chicken marinade. I volunteered to make jerk chicken and festival and since the festival is made I've just got the chicken left to do.
The marinade I posted previously (click on the Jamaican food label to get you to that post) so if you want to try and make it yourself you certainly can. I'll give you the taste verdict once it's cooked.

Finally, I also started the oven-drying for the oven-dried tomatoes that I'm going to put in rosemary olive oil for the gift basket I'll be putting together for the maintenance staff.

Okay - I have a question for you readers.
Concerning laundry room etiquette.
If you need to put your clothes in the dryer but all of the dryers are in use, is it acceptable to take out the laundry in two of the dryers that are done and leave it in a pile on top of the machine so that you can put your stuff in?
I'm iffy on this.
On one hand I understand that people need to dry their clothes so that they don't get all wrinkly and gross but on the other hand I don't appreciate having my unmentionables left in a heap on top of the dryer for all to see.
When I came down to grab my laundry a man was there folding his clothes (in his defence I was late picking up my laundry) and he appologized for pulling out my stuff. I was really ticked off though. My under-roos and bras and John's boxers and his frilly lace pants (just kidding) were just lying there! In full view!
I'm not necessarily a modest person but there are some things I like to keep at least somewhat private.
What would Miss Manners say in this situation?

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  1. Miss Manners says: bring that Martha magazine to the laundry room 10 minutes before you expect your laundry to be finished and John's Victoria Secrets remain a secret. :)