Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Family BBQ

Just a quick photo blog this evening before I head to bed.
Had a nice full day of shopping with my mom this afternoon. Got some new towels, new running shoes, some organizational boxes, a calendar (for mom's, but it's way more organized than the other ones Costco had), etc.
I made the cornbread souffle and it's quite tasty.

Definitely recommended, especially if you're having messy BBQ ribs.
My mom made rhubarb, raspberry, and blueberry tarts and I made the crumble to go on top.

She also put out a cheese platter that was to die for as well as humus and tabouleh with pita. I brought a cool looking cheese that I found at Metro.
It's Irish cheddar with Guinness!

Looks disgusting but tastes like cheddar. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of strong guinness taste, but it was still worth the money to try it.

Tomorrow is my mystery birthday adventure with John.
I'm very very excited!
I'll write all about it tomorrow evening.

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