Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Luck, Jumpers!

Just a quick post this morning as it is earlier than I would normally be up on a Sunday and the coffee has not begun to course suficiently through my blood yet.
In a few hours a handful of my friends will be skydiving to raise money for Lyme Disease awareness.
To Tracy, Tyler, Robin, Danielle, Rommi, Chloe, Vanessa, and Kashyap:
And thank you for making a difference in at least one person's world.
You guys are awesome :)
Love you all.
It's not too later to donate (and it's tax deductable - bonus!) so if you, too, would like to try and make a difference, please visit or click on the link to take you to the home page.
I'm about to get dressed to head out on my mystery date :)

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