Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some New 'Good Things' for This Year

Another 5 miler completed. Actually I ran 5 and a half miles this morning. Next week will be onto 6 and the week after that 7, etc etc until I can comfortably run 10 miles. Then I may try one 12 or 13 miler to see if I have it in me to run a half marathon but knowing me I will stick to running 10 miles. I'm fine with going into the half marathon having only run 10 miles. I'm assuming, hopefully not wrong, that another 3 miles won't seem so bad after having run the majority of the race.
I'm also upping (read: actually doing) my squats and lunges in an effort to strengthen my one weak knee. I have a bit of a competitive spirit so I know that even if my knee is on fire I won't stop running. And I don't want to be limping through this half marathon so I'm going to use that as inspiration to make my caboose less loose and start seriously doing more leg work.

I always forget how good I feel after a run. Today's was especially good. It was like all the start lined up and said, 'Jamie, today is going to be a good day.' I had my ipod on shuffle (which can be dangerous when you need upbeat songs to keep you going) and it was like some magical DJ lined up only the good ones for me. I was so into the music I didn't even look down at the clock on the treadmill until I was 15 minutes into the run!
I like losing track of time when I run. Makes it seem like much less of an effort.
Aside from running, I have a few updates.
1. I have decided that this year is going to be the year of the artisan breads.
The baking market is getting busy and I want to do something different. I'll still bake cupcakes and cookies, don't get me wrong. I couldn't stop even if I wanted to, but so many people are baking these days and I can't compete with the insane decorating that's going on. I'm moving on. No one I know has really gotten into bread making and I absolutely love it.
So the remainder of 2010 and 2011 are going to be Jamie's year of artisan bread making.

2. I forgot to celebrate Martha's birthday. Sacrilege, I know. Her birthday was on the 3rd (fellow Leo, further proof we're meant for each other) and I was too caught up in my own celebrations. How selfish. Not a Good Thing. So happy belated, Domestic Goddess.
But that actually wasn't number 2, just a related note. I received the September issue of Martha yesterday and have decided that I'm going to do a monthly post summing up the best of each month's recipes, crafts, etc. September looks like it's going to be a good issue (THE HOME ISSUE WITH KEVIN SHARKEY ooooooo just in time for my clean-out) so once I've read it cover to cover and back again I'll give you my best-of.
3. My friend Danielle, who has a blog HERE that you need to check out if you haven't already (her blog was a huge influence and inspired my own), along with one of her friends, has started another page that will have foodies everywhere rejoicing.
and especially if, like me, you love photos of food.
My guilty pleasure.
That's all for today!
Off to make food to bring to work and get ready while watching Randy count down his favourite 10 dresses on Say Yes.
Two guilty pleasures in one day.
This IS going to be a good day.

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