Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Blitz Over and a Success

What a great 25th birthday celebration!
Thursday night I went out to Cafe Demtre with a group of friends for cake and ice cream. I have pictures that I may post at a later date.
Friday I had a wonderful day with my mom. We went shopping, I got a pedicure, and we went for a really tasty lunch at Gabby's. I know, you wouldn't think pub food could be really tasty. We were going to go to an Indian restaurant that I've been eyeing for awhile but it didn't open until 4 pm. So at the insistance of our growling stomachs we picked another place nearby. We split a chicken souvlaki and a trio of sliders (one pulled pork - drool - one buffalo chicken and one beef) with sweet potato fries. Then we headed back home for chocolate cake.
Friday night we had people over and then we went out to a bar downtown. I chose a place with cheap cover and cheap drinks which turned out to be a bad idea. Not because the place was a dive bar. Because I had way to much to drink. Cheap drinks = more people willing and wanting to buy you a drink/shot.
It was worse because Saturday morning John and I drove up to his family's cottage. Morning turned into 2 pm. And I could not keep food down until 8 pm that night. Gross.
But I'm recovered now and can fully enjoy how great a weekend it was!
I got some amazing gifts too. A beautiful Kate Spade bag from my mom (somehow she must have known how many hours I've spent on ebay searching for cheap Kate Spade bags!), memory foam for our bed from my sister, the magic bullet (now I too can feel like a part of that infomercial family), Martha Stewart's hors d'oeuvres Handbook, a Winner's gift card, and much more.
I also got some delicious baked goods from my friend's who are amazing cake decorators:

My birthday cake from Tracy - notice the '25' has been crossed out to just read 5.

Cookies shaped like drinks from Danielle - if only these had been the only adult beverages I indulged in.
I decorated the place in the spirit of having a 5th birthday rather than a 25th birthday. My wonderful aunt Wendy provided almost all of the decor in the thoughtful gift basket she put together for me last weekend.

The napkins, the plates, the tea set ... all so perfect! Not to mention the 5 fridge essentials I mentioned in a previous post!

I made a nacho dip, soft pretzels, and Aunt Wendy's caramel corn which I brought up to John's cottage afterward and it was a BIG hit.

I also decided that instead of making loot bags I'd put together a loot jar. Included were mardi gras beads, ring pops, lollipops, and these really cool finger lasers from the dollar store! If you see them at dollarama they are fantastic! Short battery life but fun while they last.

I'm on a mission now to lose the 7-8 lbs I've put on since July 1st. Luckily I also have that ol' half marathon I registered for fast approaching so getting back in shape and training for a 13 mile run should compliment each other nicely.

I ran 5 miles this morning and I'm thinking that if I up my run but one mile each week I should be good. So 2 more 5 milers this week and then onto 6 milers next week. If I can comfortably run 10 miles a few times before September 26th then I'm in business.

Yikes. That's a long distance to run.....

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