Friday, August 5, 2011


It's my Birthday!

Somehow I've turned 26 years old.
When did this happen? Cause I'm pretty sure that's wrong.
Let's do some number crunching here.
Actual age: 26.

Enjoys baking, knitting, soup:   74
Owns Justin Beiber silly bandz: - 12
Recently played ipod songs include Joe Jonas & Selena Gomez:  -13
Still able to go out and dance the night away:  -19
Completed at least one successful year of schooling:    -5

Guess the numbers add up after all. Hmm.
I promise I'll get back to posting recipes from the Fam Jam that I haven't gotten around to doing yet (cause the day I tried the pictures were taking years at a time to upload).
In the meantime, here's something worth checking out.
It's probably one of the best things I've stumbled across in awhile (after Pinterest, of course).
*Side note: if you don't yet know what pinterest is go google it and fall in love. Big thanks to Andrea for showing me the pinterest light.*
This is a google map of Toronto where you can 'map your kiss'. What a beautiful way to discover the city.
I absolutely love this idea.
I've already mapped two for John to find.
Hint: One was not actually a kiss location but it's a spot that lead to every single kiss we've shared since.
If you live in Toronto or if you've had a memorable kiss in the city head on over to the website and Map Your Kiss!


Now since it's my birthday here's some Selena Gomez.

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