Friday, August 19, 2011

Gum Paste Pro

Last night I was at my best friend's house with a few other friends baking cupcakes and decorating them for her engagement party this weekend.
It was a lot of fun - especially because I am now a seasoned veteran at making gumpaste roses! My first few attempts looked a little more tulip-like but I got the hang of it.
Even got to lustre-dust them pink.
John proved he is quite adept at icing and within no time the  cupcakes were almost finished.
There were also meatballs on the go that are for the party on Saturday but my goodness they were good. I'm makin a bee-line for those bad boys on Saturday night.

Tonight I'm going to make a lovely dinner for John and I want to go find some kind of exotic meat.
Ideally it would be ostrich as I've heard it's realy good but I'll have to do some looking around.
For now though I'm doing some shopping and running some errands with my mom so unfortunately this isn't a long or fun post.
There'll be lots of pictures soon enough from the engagement party tomorrow night though - most likely of the food and deserts!
I also have to grab the stuff to get started on those hors d's I posted about.

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