Monday, August 8, 2011

The Wedding Venue: Up Close & Personal

Yesterday John and I drove out to Beamsville, Ontario, to check out our top wedding venue contender.
I was worried the place would look different in person than it did in the photos on the website but thankfully it is just as nice being there.
The only concern I have is that it might get hot inside the tent but our tour guide assured us that they are able to keep it cool inside, especially once the sun goes down.
The grounds are big and very picturesque.
We've decided that Legends Estates is where we want to get married!
While we weren't able to sign the contract and put down the deposit due to time constraints, our date is being held for us and we are likely going back this Sunday to book!
One thing I especially LOVED about this place is that 10% of the sales from the more popular wines go to a charity for battered women.
Since we'll be paying for dinner wines (1 for every two people and at around 130 people on the guest list right now...) we'll be making a pretty nice donation to this cause!
The good just keeps adding up!
We snapped a few pictures of our own so for your viewing pleasure here they are!
Tomorrow I will post some recipes I used for the food I made at my birthday party - one for a hot spinach dip and another (not really a recipe though) for pear & camembert appetizers.

 John riding the truck

The gazebo and the tent

The reception tent

The gazebo overlooking the water where the ceremony will be held

Beautiful little secluded beach - perfect for some twilight pictures

More of the beach.

I'm going to finish watching the season premier of Jesery Shore: Italy (don't you dare judge me) then I have to take back about 400 empties to the Beer Store - all the money I get is going straight into the wedding fund!

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