Monday, August 15, 2011

We've Got a Wedding Date!

I've had a somewhat busy weekend, working all day Friday, Saturday, and then running errands yesterday.
What errands?
Oh, just signing the contract for our wedding venue!
We're booked!
We've got our date and venue taken care of now so I can relax a little bit. We've got just over a year now before the big day.
We also stopped into Ikea to buy a wardrobe and a new chair. But like every trip to Ikea we walked out with a lot more than that. We got a new shelving unit, a new duvet cover, muffin cups, lightbulbs, napkins, and toy mice for the cat among a few other things.
We also found these lanterns (for $10!) that have a rustic look that we really like as a centerpiece idea!
Green and cream coloured candles inside will finish the look, as well as flowers in mason jars placed around the lantern on the table.

Ikea, you're the best.
We're most likely going to go back next weekend to stock pile lanterns.
I have to go put the new duvet cover on and then finsh updating our wedding page!
...which you can find here!


  1. looking great! three cheers for a date!!

  2. Courtney McIntoshAugust 15, 2011


    I found your blog when searching for Legends Estate images!! I too am recently engaged and daydreaming of a vineyard wedding!!!

    If you want to talk all things weddings (and share some secrets of things you find in the area like cakes, decor ect) drop me a line!!

    cmcintos at