Monday, August 22, 2011

Engagement Party Recap

Call me behind the times (go on, do it) but after hearing about picnik a long time ago, it was only yesterday afternoon that I ever actually played around with it.
Man oh man I've been missing out!
Especially with putting pictures on the blog and trying to impress you with my limited skills.
Anyway, I jazzed up a few pictures and am presenting them to you today.
If, like me, you are slow to jump on the really good bandwagons then make sure you visit Picnik and start making your photos fancy.

Saturday night was my best friend's engagement party and it was a great night.
They picked an amazing venue in which to host the party - our friend's condo on the Esplanade which, if you're not too familiar with Toronto, is almost right on the lake.
The party room was on the 33rd floor so our view was incredible. I took a few pictures of the city that I love - one of which you will find at the end of this post.
The food was plentiful, the drinks were flowing (as was the chocolate fountain), and there were friends to laugh and catch up with everytime you turned around.
Plus my hors d'oeuvres were a hit.

Here are some (spiffy) pictures to show you just how fun the party was!

Here's me, my fiance, and my good friend (and bridesmaid!) enjoying the food and wine at the engagement party on Saturday night.

My hors d'oeuvres:

Tables filled with food, cupcakes galore (plus a beautiful bride cake on top made by the bride-to-be herself!), glasses of sangria, and more food:

And because I like to think of myself as an artiste (say it like you're French), here is that photo of the insane view of Toronto I menioned before:

Those pictures are all copyright ME!
Especially the bear threatening Toronto.
Especially the bear.

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