Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrity Engagements & Weddings

I was cleaning up around the apartment and found some old magazines that I had read and hadn't recycled. One was a People magazine with Kim Kardashian's engagement story on the cover.
So to do something fun and different I thought we could take a look at how ridiculous some celebrity engagement rings/weddings are.

Starting with a recent one, let's take a look at Vanessa Minnilo.
Her ring is definitely big but compared to a lot of the others on here, it's relatively normal.
I wanted to watch the wedding special on TV but I was away. I looked for it online but no luck. I'll keep looking. The pictures looked nice though!

I think my favourite of the one's on this blog is Carrie Underwood's ring. Plus she's just so cute. 

Her wedding was a little too pink but it looked beautiful.

Now we get into the ridiculous.
Hilary Duff.
Sweet girl, hilarious paparazzi photos of her being proposed to and what it appears she was doing to show her now-husband how happy she was.
How she is able to walk around without dragging her hand on the ground I do not know.
That bad boy is massive! Personally I think once you start getting into the double digits karat-wise you've gone overboard.
And I promise this isn't jealousy speaking! Just practicality. But I guess if I made ridiculous money I wouldn't be thinking about the car or house I could pay for if I pawned the ring.
She's too cute to hate on, though.
And kind of funny story, I was reading a magazine that Leah Miller (former Much Music VJ, current host of SYTYCD Canada, also married to Dallas Green) was featured in and she was talking about how she and Hilary Duff are practically best friends. I wasn't sure if this was just a case of celeb name dropping so, being the super sleuth that I am, I figured if they were actually good friends she would have been at Hilary Duff's wedding. I googled. She was a bridesmaid. My appologies, Leah Miller.

Moving from one ridiculous ring to another (and the inspiration behind this post) we have the recently engaged Kim Kardashian. Her ring totals 20 karats. TWENTY! 16.5 in the center stone I think the magazine said. I don't like judging but it looks silly, almost fake. More like costume jewelery than an engagement ring. But to each her own! Everyone has different tastes.
I'm anxiously awaiting her wedding so I can see the pictures. I think it'll be over the top too.
For goodness' sake she had sparkly ponies at her engagement party.
Think I made that up?

But alas, my prize for most ridiculous ring does not go to Kim Kardashian.
There has been bigger, more ridiculous.
24 karats.
No wedding.
Who else would it have been?
Paris Hilton.

Again, everyone has different tastes and I know now that it's more than just what the ring looks like. Every time I look at mine I think about the night I got to slip it on and I think about how lucky I am.
Plus it's exactly what I wanted. The pictures saved on my computer and shown to my sister guaranteed that!

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  1. I totally agree with all that you said here. Big rings may look nice to a certain extent, but how are these women feeling safe walking around with that on their finger!!?? I'd be worried that I would get mugged! I worry about with my current rings!

    I haven't seen your engagement ring yet but I bet its beautiful!