Monday, August 29, 2011

Playing Dress-Up

My summer pool shut down for the summer on Thursday so I'm all out of work now (mostly). I did work Friday and Saturday at a different pool and I am working some odd shifts later this week.
Basically it means I've done nothing all day.
I am now totally caught up in True Blood (so good this season! I am torn between my love fo Viking Eric and Lone-wolf Alcide but also finding myself liking Bill like I did in season 1. Maybe it's the power he's weilding over Louisianna?), I watched last week's Jersey Shore (sh*t is going down between Ronnie and Mike) and Bachelor Pad.
I did have a nice but quick visit with John's mom and gave my nursing textbooks from year 1 and 2 to a girl I work with who's starting the program this fall.
My good deed for the week.
I also browsed wedding websites that I had written down after perusing magazines.
Brides website has a great feature that's fun to use but kind of limited in selection.
I uploaded a picture and "tried on" some wedding dresses.
This was the only one I liked:

They also have bridesmaid dresses and a salon for you to upload photos and try out different makeup styles, hairdos, etc. 
I'm doing that now...
Also fun if you want to try out rings Tacori has an application where you can print out your ring, and take a picture the paper one with your camera to see how it'll look on!
Try it out!

But earlier after "trying on" dresses,  I decided I needed to get up, get dressed, and get outside.
I tidied up and decided to make a nice pasta dinner for John. I went out to get some goat cheese and came back with about $25 worth of groceries I hadn't planned on.

One thing I'm particularly excited about is Halloumi cheese.
I read about it in a food magazine a long time ago and I think I've heard people talk about it.
I've been eyeing it at the grocery store for a little while and finally just bought it.
I'm going to grill it and serve it with the pasta.

Halloumi is a a cheese from Cypres, made from goat's and sheep milk. What always drew me to it was that it has a high melting point so it can very easily be grilled or fried.
It would be a great addition to kebabs or cubed, grilled, and tossed into a salad.
It has a little bit of a salty taste and has that satisfying squeak when you chew it, much like cheese curds.

I'll post some pictures of it tomorrow.

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  1. I've never heard of Halloumi (let alone how to pronounce it...but I bet it's like Simon Cowell saying hello to his reflection every time he walks by a mirror). What does it taste like and what can I pair it with? Non-melting cheese has captured my imagination.