Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friendly Hook-Ups

Friends are good for a number of reasons.
Aside from all of the obvious ones, friends sometimes have great hook-ups.
Just after Christmas I was able to pick up the Tetley Tea basket that I won from my friend's blog's giveaway. So good.

Then just a few days ago I received a heavy package in the mail. A friend of John's from high school works for the good people at Canadian Living. Which means I get free magazines. And free bonus items.

Like this:

Oh yes.
It's a craft book! Sewing ideas, knitting ideas, seasonal ideas, food and gift ideas...
It's going to be good.
I've only had a few minutes to look through it so far but there are some cute seasonal holiday ideas that I'd like to try out.
I think I mentioned this earlier, but my goal for the month is to hunt down and fill out every application at every hospital in Toronto for the Nursing Externship programs. It's basically a program which allows nursing students who've finished their 3rd year a chance to get back into the hospital setting and shadow a nurse while getting paid as a nurse.
I know some hospitals aren't posting applications until February sometime but I've been scouring the HR/Careers page every week in anticipation.
I'll have to make sure I jazz up my resume a bit!

For placement this week soft chocolate chip cookies have been requested.
I've got 2 potential recipes.
Sour cream vs. no sour cream....
I may have to try these both out just to see.

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