Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day Gelee Candies!

My friend Danielle came over today for a lunch date and we decided to make some more gelee candies. Getting ready for valentine's day, we used heart-shaped molds and then made some gummy worms, and some other hand-created designs (including a 'gummy bear' that I masacred).

Some of Danielle's ju-jub shaped candies:
Heart shaped:

They're so tasty and they set so well!
While we let them set, we went to Chipotle for lunch and gorged ourselves on tacos and fajitas.
Then after a quick stop into Sugar Mountain, we came back here to make ebelskivers and rave to some house music.
Apple cinnamon, blueberry riccota, chocolate chip, banana chocolate chip, and more.
We let our stuffed tummies digest while we got cozy and enjoyed It's All Gone Pete Tong.
All in all, a fantastic Sunday.
I was going to make a whole pile of ebelskivers for the breakfast contribution I said I would bring for the Black History Month breakfast on Tuesday buuuuut they're definitely better eaten straight out of the pan. With time they deflate and don't taste quite as good cold.

So I'm thinking I'll go devour the remaining 'skivers and start brainstorming some new ideas for a breakfast contribution.

I'm thinking either french toast strips or a breakfast lasagna....
Special thanks to Danielle for helping me get add to my winter weight and more seriously for taking such beautiful pictures and letting me steal them!

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