Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Call Me J.Lo

As you're probably aware, my best friend got enagaged over the holidays.
I'm a bridesmaid (yaaaaayyyy!) and as such, I get to help my bestie plan her nuptials!
Having been a bridesmaid for the first time ever this summer, I now have a bit of experience under my belt and since the MOH (Katrina) for the Jamaican wedding was SO well organized, I feel as though I have some resources (Katrina) to fall back on.
I also really like having legitimate excuses not to study and helping to plan a wedding is definitely a very worthy excuse.
I want to make a binder with headings like: Venue, Dresses + Suits, Catering, DJ, Flowers + Centerpeices, Favours, Photography, etc.
I want to be Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner, minus the to-be-husband stealing.

Being a huge fan of shows like Say Yes to the Dress, and Four Weddings (and currently watching Ride Bride, Poor Bride), I feel somewhat prepared for this.
I even started google searching "Good places to get married in Toronto" last night at work.
Right now I have Casa Loma. Seems like it could be a cool place to have a wedding!
I kind of like the sound of this website so I may start using it as a starting block to help get Tracy's planning binder underway!
So much fun!
And not a ton of stress because it's not my wedding! Haha

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